Friday, March 20, 2009

a testiment to friendship

A friend of ours back in Lawrence has been living every parent's nightmare. Their daughter was diagnosed with Cancer a few months ago. The prognosis is good from what I understand. The young lady's father was Phil's home room teacher at Seabury for 5 years and his upper level math teacher. He is a quiet man who lives his life for his family. I can only imagine what a pillar of strength Arnie is being right now on the out side but so worried on the inside.

I found this on the Lawrence Journal World website about Annika's friends who wanted to help. These were some pretty talented kids and the song is amazing. Click on the circle on the left hand side of the page. If you don't shed a tear you have ice water in your veins. Maybe you can find a way to help as well.

They can use all the pixie dust we can send them.


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