Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have been trying to figure out what to blog about. Nothing seems worth blogging about

This afternoon, Scott was out in the garage and found a music box my grandmother had given me. I had forgotten about it. I opened it and inside were a locket with pics of my grandparents when they were young as well as a small picture of my dad when he was a baby. Made me nostalgic. I went to the gargae and rummaged thru some boxes and found a doll that my grandmother made. It was a replica of her when she was Worthy Matron of Eastern Star, as well as a plate she painted of two little girls walking togheter. Made me think about my sis.

In another box I found my high school memories. Poetry I had written, cards people had given me etc. Looked at the cards and wondered why I kept them. The people who gave them to me now mean nothing to me. Funny how our priorities change. I found the newspaper from my high school that celebrated out graduation. On the front page were pics of the "in" crowd. I talk to many of them on facebook. I keep wondering if they will be mad if I reveal what they looked like in their younger days.

I found my baby book, Phils baby book as well as pics of him as little guy. The memories were intense.

That is about it.

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The Dukes said...

Pretty please scan a picture of Baby Phil!