Tuesday, March 31, 2009

new battle with school district.

After playing phone tag for 2 weeks I finally got to talk to someone (Asshole) from district office about getting Drew what he needs. At the beginning of the year he did not meet the educational criteria for the IEP. But thru the year he has gone down hill and is now behind. The principal was questioning retaining him but he will be 7 in May so that is out. Then they talked about summer school but he is in kindergarten and they can't go to summer school. So these indicate to me that there is now a disability problem that his hampering his education. He is PDD NOS, SID, and FAE. When they did the testing they admitted they might have used the wrong tests for Drew given his age.

This jerk today was very condescending and asked what I wanted I explained, a basic IEP so that he could get the help he needed. I wasn't asking for an aide to be with him all day, I just wanted OT, a say in who is teachers would be, extra help with writing etc. I know budgets are tight. He told me given a report that was done over a year ago in NM he was denying services. He admitted he had the info from the neurologist here with Drew's DX but he felt he had to go with what was written a year ago. I went ballistic. I asked for his supervisors name and he refused to give it to me saying I would have to work thru him only. He said it didn't matter if I got to the supervisor because he would get to him first and what ever I said would not matter. He then told me that even tho he wouldn't give Drew an IEP originally he was going to get him an OT consult but because of my attitude he decided against it and would not approve it. I was also told my request for a 504 was denied. So because he doesn't like me he is going to deny services for my son. I can't afford an attorney.

I called the school and told the principal I was requesting an IEE and the request would be on her desk by the end of the day. I told her I was trying to save the district money by trying to get early intervention. by requesting an IEE - Individual Educational Eval - has to be done by an outside person that I get to pick and they have to pay for it would give an un biased opinion of what was going on. The principal told me I could request it but it had to be approved by the district and under the circumstances she didn't see it being approved. I am appealing his IEP denial and asking for the IEE anyway.

I have been in such state all day. What does it take to get him services. IF he doesn't get them now we will be fighting this battle next year any way I can't find an outside OT source because in CA it is to be done thru the school so there is no one to help him. I am ready to go to the newspaper about this whole thing.


Elaine said...

Kathy - don't give up on this. Write a well-crafted letter to the supervisor and your school board representative. The letter should paint Drew as a person (someone to be cared about), explain why you are concerned (seems to be slipping in school), explain the original IEP might not have captured him acurately (improper test, not reflective of today), eat crow and apologize for getting upset with dude you talked to yesterday but say you really felt at the end of the conversation that it was a personality conflict with you that was keeping your son from getting needed services. Let them know dude you talked to today tried to intimidate you into not writing. End by saying that Drew's needs need to be addressed now, before they turn into a much more serious issue later. Spell out what you think he needs, but tell them as a first step, you would like an accurate assessment performed. When you send the letter to the supervisor, be sure you put on the bottom cc: School board rep. Include a photo of Drew in the letter. Kids are cute. Images matter.

Fight on!

Ginger said...

I agree. Don't give up. Keep fighting because YOU are your child's advocate and he deserves the help. Thinking of you!

The Dukes said...

What's the latest from today? You're in my thoughts and so is Drew!