Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Saturday

you have heard the song - Just Another Manic Monday. Today is Just Another Simple Saturday.

Drew was up at the crack of dawn. His new medicine is helping him sleep better. Since he is getting more rest while he sleeps he is getting up much earlier and in a better mood. Today it was 6:30. Of course he didn't bother Scott. He came to see me. I convinced him to climb up in my bed for a while. finally after an hour of him asking every 10 minutes if it was morning I gave in and got up. At that point it was a MUST HAVE COFFEE moment. Gotta love my Keurig. 45 seconds later a nice big cup of java. Not as good as J& S but the best I could do. (Sarah if you are ever giving away coffee let me know.) AT 830 Scott joined us and at 9 I started breakfast. It was nice to make a family breakfast. Eggs, turkey bacon, potatoes and toast. I miss times like that. All four of us around the table. They are certainly few and far between.

There has been some Saturday morning house cleaning. I have had a couple hours of work for the Yarn Shoppe, mainly computer stuff.

Now to enjoy the day with my family.


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The Dukes said...

Flash back with me to when Phil was 15 and you couldn't keep the fridge stocked for longer than 48 hours at a time. I am saving to buy groceries for two ravenous teenage boys, I can't give the farm away!! I've only got 13 years to go...