Sunday, January 11, 2009

It is official

I am old. I got my eyes examined yesterday. I was put in bifocals. I went with progressive lenses. Same thing happened to Scott. Some how the poem 'Come grow old with me' comes to mind. It isn't a horrible superscription but still it is the idea of it. The doc said I could have gone with one pair for distance and for close work but felt that progressives would be the best bet.

So I went on my mission to find that purse pattern. I went to the 'other' knit shop in town. It was awful. The owner was rude there was no yarn selection, and she didn't have the pattern. I asked if she could order it and she said yes that she would be seeing the designer at a conference this coming weekend and would see about it. But she it wasn't her ordering time and I would have to wait until she ordered again to get it. So I went to 'my' yarn shop. I showed the pattern to the girls and everyone fell in love with it. We pulled up the website and Anna had me pick about 10 patterns to order for the shop. THEN she told me once I got the bag knitted up she would have me teach the class on it. SO cool. There are several of this designers patterns that I am going to make. She has one that is called 'Saturday Morning' I am in love with it. There are several others but those are the ones I am starting with.

I need to get pictures of my projects and get them posted on here so you can see the progress.

Phil leaves in a week. It has been a really good visit. I am going to miss him. He is interested in this girl. Enough said. For now.

Wishing you Faith Trust and Pixie dust

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