Friday, January 09, 2009

date night

No not with my husband - although that would be nice. I have a date night with my fave 6 year old. Phil and Scott are headed to the Sacramento Kings vs Miami Heat game tonight. So it is just the munchkin and I. Haven't quite figured out what it will entail but I can pretty much guarantee it will include McDonalds.

I am going pattern searching today. I found the cutest bag ijn a knitting magazine last night. It isn't at my normal yarn store but it is to be at one in Elk Grove. So Phil and I are on a mission this afternoon. Here is the link It actually uses belts as the handles. I am really excited to do this one. I have 2 sweaters I am working on as well as a shawl. I am also working on another handbag but I am letting it hibernate for a while. It is driving me crazy so I am stepping a way from it for a while. My sis has this crazy idea that I should only do one project at a time. Silly silly girl. the more projects the better.

off to our mission

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Miriam said...

Cathy, That is really a cute purse! As to more than one project at time--it's so we can put away the ones that are frustrating us at the moment and go to the one that relaxes us. Right?! (Sorry sis! Oh wait, it's your sis who said that.)