Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No good deed.....

My dad always told me no good deed goes unpunished.

When I enrolled Drew in school I met the PTA president. Very nice lady. She asked if I would volunteer on the PTA. Sure I said what do you need. She asked if I could head up Holiday wrapping paper sales. Sure I say. Sally Foster takes care of most of the details. I just have to get the forms out, collect them, count the money - with a partner and hand out the paper which has already been sorted by child, grade and teacher. simple.

Nothing in life is simple. We had an order deadlilne. Most orders made it. We thought we had them all. After everything was picked up by Sally Foster i walked into the office and found another stack of about 20-30 orders. I gather them, do my thing, get them turned in. Then Sally Foster lets me know these will come as a seperate order soemtime before Christmas. It is of course to late to cancel the order. So I call ALL the people on the list to tell them they will be delayed. Most are very nice. Some don't listen to their messages and show up on orginal delivery day. I explain that there are orders we are holding on and they will be in before Christmas. Most again are very nice. But there is always one. She was mad that her order didn't make the first cut. She spent 10 minutes at pick up complaining about how I did things. Not sure if teacher didn't get it in or what - (coincedently this parents sisters order is also on the next delivery) I told the parent that there was nothing I could do but I would call Monday - today and see what I could find out. I told her when I had an answer I would let her know. So she shows up today at paper handouts wanting to know where her stuff is. I told her I didn't have an answer yet. 830 tonight my phone rings. I was reading to drew so it went to my cell voice mail. it was her wanting to know if I knew anything because she needs it by Monday. Her and everyother person on my list (you know the patient ones). I left her a message telling her once again I didn't have an answer, that I had emailed the rep as well as called her. and as soon as I had an answer I would be calling her as well as the other parents who are waiting on orders.

Sorry it is a vent night. So my thought? She doesn't like how it is done she should do it next year. but I am sure she will use the excuse that she is a working mom and can't simply be bothered by such as this.

Going to bed now to dream about
Faith trust and pixie dust.

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