Friday, December 12, 2008

I wish

I know many women this problem.

I wish instead of telling me to go buy what I want for Christmas, I wish the men in my family would think about me. What they know about me, My likes and dislikes. What drives me. More than anything I would love them to put some time into my presents, just like I do them. I wish they would stop and thinkg about what i like, my dislikes, my fibro limitations, things i have expressed an interest in trying - and no I don't mean a tatoo. I mean painting with acrylics, quilting, Kumihimo. The hints I keep dropping to get Bill Engvall tickets for January. Even point blank sais I wanted those. I even sent my oldest the instructions down to the dimension to have my former FIL make me a Kumi stand. But it never got done. I don't have an particular projects for knitting right now but a gift certificate would be nice. I love to read - they all know what i like go get me some books. I have Fibro so some massages would be good, I have hair, so a GC to the salon wouldn't be out of line. Things that pamper me. I want a hippo for christmas and i think Drew has that covered. Scott was kind enough to have me make a list of what I needed in the way of small trinkets that I could use for knitting. So I know my stocking is covered.

I don't expect them to go buy me the moon but it would be nice. If they would look at Chrimstas' past they should have some clue. I keep saying maybe a sewing machine so I can quilt again but I have one in my MIL basement and I am sure she wold love to get it out of there and I wold love to have it. He says that he doesn't do anything because I can go buy what I want when I want so there is nothing I need that I can't go get for myself. What I want for myself is my husband and my eldest son to listen to me through out the year, talk to each other and get a plan and enact it. the only present under the tree right now for me is the yarn and pattern to make a felted carpet bag, I had given him the name of a knitting book I wanted. I had to buy it myself becasue he didn't make it there in any reasonable time frame and they were almsot sold out AGAIN. But it isn't even wrapped. It is sitting on his desk. I try and find things that we will have fun with Christmas morning and ahve memories about in years to come. Like last year when all 3 got matchign Jack Skellington Pajamas. They were a great hit. I looked this year for matching hippo slippers but struck out because I didn't want to pay 25.00 a pair. I was informed that last year it wasn't Christmas because "Santa" dropped the ball and didn't get lifesaver books. It was duly noted and Santa has them on his list this year.

What frustrates me is that I spend hours shopping online and instores for things I know everyone wants. I do enjoy it but sometimes I wish someone would return the favor My office looks like Santa is it to store presents that won't fit in his sleigh for this leg of the trip. But if you looked under the tree you'd think I was on Santa's naughty list.

Now don't cut Scott slack on this one. He is up and well. In fact on monday he went to Oakland for a meeting. He goes to the doc today to get released to go back to work on Monday. And if they don't release him, they will have to commit me.

MAybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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