Saturday, November 01, 2008


Well Halloween has come and gone. time to start thinking about Turkey and stuffing. Time to start thinking about tiny tots with eyes all a-glow, and folks dressed up like eskimos - OK I know we are in California but I am with all my midwest friends in spirit.

I wanted to start a new tradition but Scott getting sick kind of messed it up. But hopefully next year, it will be come tradition that Drew, Scott and I go on a vacation over Thanksgiving break. We were to go to Disney Land this year but not happening now.

I also wanted to start the tradition of going on the Polar Express during Christmas but I missed getting tickets because - you guessed it - Scott was sick. Boy, does he know how to mess my ideas. LOL.

Last year Scott and I took Drew to Toys R us and had him pick a toy. while he was picking it we explained it would not be something he could keep. It would be given to the Marines outside who would make sure a boy or girl who didn't have Christmas presents would get it. He has already asked when he gets to buy that present again. Makes my heart warm.

I was looking at Pottery Barn Kids catalog today and I got a cool idea. They have a large Santa bag that can be personalized. I am going to get one with our name on it. It will sit empty under the tree and on Christmas morning that is where every one will find their Santa presents. This is something we will be able to do for years. Someday if my boys decide to have kids I will get to do it with my grandkids. Mastercard 30.00. Memories - priceless.

I wish my family could be together this year. We are hoping next year to be in Kansas. My dad and sis will be together with their spouses. Mary Lou will have her sisters join her from the East Coast. Phil will get here at some time. Jsut don't know when yet. It seems funny not to be with my dad and sister again this year. But we will all be together in spirit and our memories of Donny Osmond records, doll houses, chickenpox, and crayons in ears.

May you always have
Faith Trust and Pixie dust

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