Sunday, November 02, 2008

Long Day

The first Sunday in November...the day many wait for to grab that extra hour of sleep. Unfortunately I did not get mine this time around. At 3 the phone goes off. It is Scott down stairs - same symptoms as the last Pulmonary Embolism. I rush down stairs. Grab the phone. He agrees to let me call 911. At least they didn't come with lights and sirens blazing. They took Scott to the hospital. I stayed and got Drew up and dressed. He was surprisingly very cooperative give it was 330 in the morning. Drove to the hospital downtown. they can't figure out what is causing the problems and why he is clotting. He is on anti coagulation therapy that is monitored daily. Strange thing. Yesterday it was 2.6 and 12 hours later it had dropped to 2.2. Very strange.

thank goodness for Facebook. I didn't want to call and bother my family in Kansas at that horrid hour.

Before I left the house I posted I was headed to the hospital. I knew my sis always checks her Facebook in the morning and would see it. I I was right. She called me at the hospital early. She also got ahold of my dad. He will be here tomorrow. Mary Lou left yesterday.

So while many were enjoying an extra 60 minutes of sleep, I had an extra 60 minutes to be Thankful for modern medicine that kept my husband alive yet again. And for modern technology that alerted my family that things were not well here in California.

Always have

Faith, Trust and lots of Pixie Dust

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