Saturday, November 08, 2008


Today I started my end of co dependency. Last night I told Drew when he woke up to let me sleep. If needed something he could ask dad but I needed to sleep. Scott was a little upset that Drew did wake him up but I reminded him that I had nto slept well for the past 2 nights and it was time to decide if he was well or an invalid. If he chose invalid I was going to remove the TV, Phone and computer from his room because if he was that sick he didn't need the distractions of those things interferring with him getting better. He decided he was well. I went and ran my errands, told Scott where I was stopping for lunch. He said he wasn't sure if he could eat that, I told him if he didn't feel he should/could eat it that there was left overs in the fridge. He chose what I as having. He is currently out for a walk. He goes back to work part time from home Monday. I am going to have him learn how to at least dress the main wound today. It is not hard. 4 peieces of gauze and some tape. I had him call the new lawn people the other day. When the called back he let the machine pick it up and told me they called back. I said I knew it and he needed to return the call to set up a time to get an estimate.

Phil will find when he gets here, I am not as accessible. I have already been trying to get him to phone less. Until he decided to move here it was working. If I was in the middle of soemthing I would tell him I would call back. I did call back but not always on his time table. HEy it is babysteps but I am getting there.

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