Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The tickles.

I am trying to just make sure I write in here daily. Some days i have to search to think of something.

Since Scott has been sick I have taken over helping Drew with his homework. We have fun. He has this thing about being tickled. HE LOVES IT. So after each page or when he does something really well I tickle him. He loves it and for some reason it gets him to move on to the next thing. It also helps when he makes a mistake. Gets him over it pretty fast. It surprised me that there is homework for kindergarten. It is sent home on Monday and we send it back completed on Friday.

Scott made dinner tonight. it was really good.

Looking for money? you might check www.missingmoney.com It is a data base for all state databases of money that has not been claimed. I found 30.00 for Scott. It was from the overpayment of a hospital bill in 2000. Too bad they don't tack on interest.

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