Monday, November 10, 2008

still knitting

I am still knitting Christmas presents. I can't say what they are because some people read my blog. My shoulder still hurts but I couldn't get in to the doctor.

Phil is telling his fraternity brothers tonight of his upcoming departure. i know this is going to be very hard on him. I know he says he is coming but until he walks thru that front door with his bags I am holding my excitement in check. He could change his mind and decide to stay in Topeka and that would be OK too. It has to be what he wants to do. I just don't want him to live with regrets and what ifs - no matter what he decides.

My Santa bag from Pottery Barn Kids came today. I can't wait to put the Santa presents in it and leave it Christmas morning. Scott just shook his head. As frustrated as I get some times he is very indulgent with me. Scott is kind of happy that this means he won't be up late putting presents together. They can just go in the bag and put together Christmas AM. I have a feeling one or 2 will have to be put together for appearance sake.

well off to knit.


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