Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I thought I talked about this before but I can't find it so....

My sis got me hooked on a new series of books. Twilight. Vampires? Werewolves? Being 17 forever? HMMMMMM?

I became even more intrigued when she started sending me "flair" on Facebook with hints from the books.

I am actually enjoying it very much. I have finished the first 2 and will be picking up # 3 this week. I have even joined an online book club to discuss the books. If you have read the books or want to know more about them or the book club check this out.

Some people compare them to Anne Rice or Harry Potter. Nope not even close. This target audience is for teen to college age girls. HP is for younger kids and Rice's novels are for us old folks. But after reading Twilight I was taken back to my teen days when I didn't quite fit in, didn't have any close friends. I could have used an Edward to sweep me off my feet and protect me from the cruelties of high school. I could have used an Alice to confide all my secrets to. Who wouldn't want Emse and Carlisle for parents?

I found my self in book 2 wanting to rush thru to find Edward. But I made myself read each page and I am glad I did. It made the reappearance of Edward all that more special.

To whom ever posted the transcript to book 5 on the web, I don't like you. I feel you stole some special information that could have been revealed about Edward and his past.

Meyers writing had me turning the pages as fast as I can. I am drawn into the feelings and thoughts of all the characters. When I finish a book I can't wait to get the next one so I can be drawn back in to Forks and the small town atmosphere where everyone knows everyone and wonders about the town secrets.

I have come to the conclusion that even at 41 I am secretly in love with Edward. Sorry Scott.




Janet said...

Hi Cathy! I am so glad you decided to join my bookclub. I am really enjoying reading the comments by everyone. I love this series so far and I can't wait to see where else we go with this club!

amie said...

hehehehehe what are sisters for?