Friday, September 05, 2008

Surgery and Palin

I had my gall bladder taken out Tuesday night. I feel pretty good. I am sore at the 4 insision sites but my gut doesn't hurt anymore. I am hoping this solves my health problems and things get back to some semblence of order.

I have never tried to make my blog about anything but my life as a mom but for the first time I am going to weigh in on a canidate for office.

Sarah Palin. Yes she is a woman but I think she is letting her political ambition get in the way of her family. I can't imagine having a pregnant teen daughter and throwing her in front of the world to be torn a part. This kid needs a mom. Hey all kids make mistakes but that is when they need their parents to guide them not the media to tear them apart. And I can't even begin to discuss the parents of the father. Letting him be a part of this circus? I applaude the young lady for choosing to have this baby. But is she keeping it because she wants to or because she HAS to for appearance sake. Has anyone thought about the Casey Anthony saga? She wanted to put Caylee up for adoption but grandma wouldn't hear of it so now the whole country is drawn to this horrible story of searching for a little girl who could be having a wonderful life with adoptive parents but because of the selfisheness of others this little girls life has been cut short. I am not saying that the Palin teen is in this league but Sarah Palin needs to put the needs of her family above her own.

I am also the mother of a special needs child. Once again I think Palin is being very selfish by persuing political office while putting her child on the back burner. I know the husband is capable of taking care of Trig. My husband does great with Drew but their are times Drew needs the comfort of mom. All kids do. What is she going to tell him - or any of her children - 'Sorry, Mommy can't hold your hand while you are going thru a horrid time - she is too busy cutting budgets or fighting for off shore drilling etc?"

I am all for a woman in the President's chair but I think it has to be the right woman at the right time. And this is not the right woman.

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