Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Christmas shopping is done - is yours?

Phil made it thru surgery. he is up and doing better than ever. there was a cracked bone in his knee that was missed on the Xrays that were done. It healed wrong so when he walked the jagged edge of his knee was pulling on the Cartlidge behind his knee.

Scott scared the heck out of us. Thought he was having a heart attack. come to find out it was something called chondrcarditis. It is an inflamation of the ribs around the heart that mimics a heart attack.

Scott and I decided to go to take Drew to Disney for Christmas next year. I told Phil we were going and he was welcome to come with us. He said no, he would come for Christmas but leave on December 31 when we left for WDW. SoI made our reservations. Then yesterday,


"hi mom did you get my text?'
"no, what did you need"
"is it too late to change my mind and go to Disney?"
"decided you wanted to spend time with your dad, brother and me?"
" No. A free trip to disney IS a free trip to Disney. you guys are a bonus."
"Gee thanks"

So he is going to spend Christmas in Topeka with family and meet us in Orlando on December 31. (praying no snow delays for any of us) I did have to "sacrifice" my savannah view room at Animal Kingdom Lodge and to a standard view room at Wilderness Lodge to keep us within budget but I guess he is worth it. I have told him it is his Christmas present and that anything extra he wants to do i.e. parasailing is on him.

Santa is bringing Drew a disney suitcase filled with a certificate for the trip. I will be getting everyone the mandatory goofy family matching Tshirts - the guys humor me on this. Those will be wrapped and under the tree for Drew from us.

Well my christmas shopping is done - is yours?

Faith Trust and Pixie dust


Ginger said...

Come to think of it, mine might be done, too! lmao

Anna said...

You had better have a good excuse for not updating this blog! OH-wait a minute-you DO!!!! Write your mid-term paper and study for your exam!!! Don't worry about the B&B duties-I'll help when we get there!!!!!