Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back to school and forgiveness

I go back to school today. I am up doing homework for my corresponse classes. I am only on campus 2 days a week this sememster. It has been a rough 24 hours. Well let me back up to Sunday. We have finally found a church we like. It is very modern and upbeat. the pastor is great. It is not a Mega church but it is well attended. Pastor Todd has been doing a great series on "resigning" a few weeks ago it was about resigning your fiances and taking control, 2 weeks about resiging guilt. Sunday it was resigning forgiveness and letting it go. Who have you locked in a prison because you have felt they have done you wrong. I can say I have, and if you are honest with yourself you would say the same thing.

Drew had to have a medical procedure yesterday and tomorrow has to see another specialist. Scott and i got thru it but it was rough on all involved. I walk out of the hospital when it is over with my cell phone ringing. It is Phil saying "Hi mom, I have surgery Friday AM." This was not unexpected. This is on his knee from his wreck this summer. It has gotten progressively worse. My former MIL who is one who has forgiven me and I forgave her years ago who is taken charge of this. She will be with Phil and he will stay with her when the surgery is over.

I called her yesterday afternoon and was getting the scoop on the surgery. Phil didn't understand about how to give all the insurnace paperwork. So Peg was telling me to call and get it straitened out so we didn't have a mess later. the Billing person at the single day surgery said that they have lots of kids from Washburn who go thru this and if someone doesn't step in and deal with the insurnace it causes trouble later on. They were very grateful I was on top of this one.

Anyway I regress. During our talk I was telling her about our new church and how wonderful it is and how we enjoy it. I was telling her about the sermon from this past week and she made a comment that has had me thinking all night. "just because you forgive someone and set them free from the prison you have them locked in - doesn't mean you were wrong. In other words forgive everyone whether you feel you were right or wrong. Life is to short to lock those who have hurt you in a prison. Once you release them you release your self to live your life.

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Ginger said...

Good for you, Cathy. I love your insight. Beautiful!