Monday, December 10, 2007


I have been told it has been WAY to long since I updated. So here ya go

Phil was here for Thanksgiving. I was happy to have him here and happy to see h im go. WE had a great time just the 4 of us. It was nice to have some family time.

I am currently in Finals week. I should walk away with an A+ 2 B's and a C. Not bad for 40 years old. I am taking 18 hours next semester.

Drew is anxious for Christmas to get here.

Phil and Mary Lou get here Tuesday December 18. ML leaves December 26 and I don't know when Phil will be leaving. Sometime in January.

scott was accepted to UNM's PhD program. I will be married to a doctor in about 2 years.

Phil got his first speeding ticket a couple weeks ago in a school zone. the ironic part? It was a school zone my mom fought for when my sis was in school and had to cross Burlingame Road.

My Dad and Andrea are due in January for about 5 days. Carolyn is coming the end of Feburary. The Walkers are coming for Spring Break. The B&B is booking fast.

Oh yea and Drew and verbally spell his name.

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Anna said...


Glad we got our reservations in for the B&B early!!! I'll confirm dates after Christmas.

GO DREW!!!!!!