Saturday, November 10, 2007

Anderson Family Law part duex

I know I have been keeping everyone amused by the happenings at the old house in Kansas we are trying to sell. Are you ready for the latest?Let me back track a little. Drew's EEG last week was perfect. According to the doc we can't rule in or out seizure disorder. Just have to wait to see what happens.So thursday I was driving Drew to school and was in stop and go traffic. The cars in front of me started going I started going. the cars in front of me stopped - I kept going. I caused a 3 car pile up in rush hour traffic. One second I was going the next second - there was steam coming from the front of my car. There was an off duty cop who pulled up and took control. He kept asking if I needed Rescue because i was "emotional" - hysterical . ( my insurance agent calls it passionate) I couldnt get my brain to engage. I didn't seem to realize that everything on the seat had hit the floor. I finally pulled it together and called Scott. He got there in no time. He took Drew to school while I dealt with the police. I also called my friend Faith and she called a tow truck and told me where to have the car towed. Scott asked Drew if he was all right Drew said "yes I am fine, but I was scared". Scott asked what scared him His reply - "Mommy screaming". So that was thursday. I spent the day getting a rental and dealing with that. I only broke my pinky.

Fast forward to today. We gave some of the appliances from the old house to my dear friend Kim. Phil met Kim over there to help move them. Kim calls and says "we had to call the police" That freaked me out. Come to find out some vagrants had been sleeping in our backyard. They had been huffing spray paint. Kim and Phil found 20-30 zip loc bags full of dry gold and silver paint, blankets, pillows, underwear. Phil also discovered that someone had broken the lock on the storage shed and took some really odd things - a fish tank, some of drews old toys really bizarre stuff. They even took the trash can that had been in the side yard.The lawn mower and grill were still there. No one had been in the house. The police told Phil and Kim that they had broken up a homeless ring that was sleeping in the woods behind a nearby grocery store and it appeared they had moved to our house!!! The police are now patrolling and stopping twice a shift to check on things. Only one more chapter in how not to move across country and leave a house empty.

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