Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fun Morning

We had a fun morning. We woke up and turned on the TV. The local media was carrying the opening day of the 36th annual Balloon fiesta. over 800 balloons from 22 countries are here. On the spur of the moment we jumped in the car and headed toward Rio Rancho. We did not go to the park but instead drove thru Corralles and up into Rio Rancho. I snapped pictures while scott drove. We saw a balloon land in the middle of the road (the wind blew it there when it tried to land in a field) We were on the search for the Darth Vader balloon - it was shown on TV as inflated and ready to go up. But we never saw it. I think that the winds picked up at the last second and they decided not to fly it. I will post pictures later this weekend.

On another note. Phil got 2 tickets to 2 seperate Garth Brooks Concerts. He is going to sell them. My sister actually got 4 tickets to one show and she is selling 2 to Phil at cost. He is a pretty popular guy around Washburn right now. Hope he doesn't fall asleep like the last time he saw Garth Brooks.

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Anna said...

YAY! A new post!!!

The pics of the ballon rally are great-looks like loads of fun, and I hope that Drew had a good time watching them all!