Monday, September 24, 2007

you have heard of Murphy's law?

Well we have decided to rename it Anderson's law. Our relator called today to tell us she had held an open house over the weekend. She said it was all right but there was no electricity!!!!!
I couldn't figure it out. I had been paying the bill. so I got online and looked at the electric company website. It showed our FINAL BILL. WHAT THE HECK!?!?!!? So I called the electric company. AFter being on hold for 30 minutes I got to a live person. the lady couldn't figure it out either. So she put me on hold to investigate. Are you ready for this?


Yes you read that right - someone stole our electric meter. Not sure how or when but someone did. I was shocked. All I could do was call my friend Kim and laugh. What else could I do? It will take 3-5 days for a new meter to be installed.


Anna said...

So, my question is.....what the HECK do you do with an electric meter????? That would make it such a big deal that you would STEAL one????

I'm clueless-nothing-I'll just keep a watch out for "hot" electric meters! Did yours have any identifying marks? Different meter color? Shape? Anything that would make it such a prize??

Let me know and if I see a street vendor selling electric meters, I'll be sure to look for yours!


Chelle said...

That is just too wierd. Why wouldn't the electic company notify you and how did they know it had been stolen?