Wednesday, April 09, 2014

a minute in the world of tics

Yesterday was rough in Drew's world.  All of a sudden he is developing new tics.  We aren't sure why.  When we first took him out of school the tics diminished.  We know tics come and go and there is no reason for it.  Drew has been complaining lately about having strange urges in his legs. He says he feels like he needs to pull his legs off.  We are not sure if now he feels safe and knows he can tic and no one will say anything.

We have noticed that many times during the day he is getting up from work or play and just standing in a corner.  He says it makes the pain go away for a few minutes.  He is becoming resistant to going out anywhere because he is worried he will have to do this and people won't understand.  The only place he likes to go is to our favorite breakfast place on Sunday AM.  They all know him there and he has his fave waitress, Dawnelle. She also watches Drew when we go out of town. She is a child therapist so she understands him very well.

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