Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Territory

We are entering new territory.  Drew is going to his first sleepover on Friday night.  All the boys in his class were invited to one of the boys house for "EPIC NIGHT"  He is to bring his sleeping bag, swim suit and nerf gun.  A new Nerf gun has been purchased with extra ammo.  He has been excited about this for several weeks.

I, on the other hand, have been pretty nervous.  First concern - there is one boy that Drew doesn't always get along with and he gets on Drew's nerves.  I worry that as the evening wears on and as Drew gets tired,  that the boy will push Drew's buttons and he won't be able to control himself and will get angry.  I also worry that as he gets tired the tics will get worse and it will cause issues. The kids have never really said anything but things are tame and as excitement and tired creep in the increase.

Don't get me wrong I am thrilled he is being included and is having the experiences that all boys his age should have.  I did have a long talk with him tonight about several things.  I told him no matter what this boy did, Drew had to hold  his temper and walk away.  I also talked to him about the after effects of a sleep over. Being tired and grouchy and increased tics are two big ones.  I wanted him to know what too expect.  He did have some hesitation after we talked but I told him that we WANTED him to go and have a most awesome time but to know there could be some extra tics on Saturday.  

He has been practicing with the new Nerf gun.  I will talk to the mom tomorrow and give her a heads up. It feels a little strange because I usually let Drew control who he tells and how.  Also trying to figure out how to handle evening meds.  They make him sleepy  and he will crash about 20 minutes after taking them.  Not ideal for an EPIC NIGHT!.If he doesn't get them at all he won't sleep. ARG!!!! 

I am sure i am over thinking all of this but that is what comes with entering into new Territory.

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Elaine said...

That's some tough ground. I think you're wise to tell the mom, let her know she can call you. Hopefully it'll go better than you fear. Probably, it will. Good luck to all! And maybe you could ask her to text you at a certain time, just as a check-in so you're not worried.