Monday, March 04, 2013

New Treatment for Drew

Drew has a very severe neck twitch.  It causes pain.  He has given himself whiplash several times and pulled muscles in his neck.  When we saw the neurologist at Children's in January, she gave us a new option beyond medication.  Today, Drew underwent botox injections in his neck.

Drew was a bit apprehensive.  We did find out the hard way that he is allergic to the adhesive used to hold the numbing patches in place.  That was the worst part for Drew.  But the cream did what it was supposed to.  The injections were administered without pain - all but the last one.

We were advised that the injections would not take effect today, tomorrow, or even the next day.  But hopefully by the end of the week we will see some improvement.  In two weeks we will see maximum effect.  If it works then Drew should have relief for up to three months.

We know there can be side effects and we explained them to Drew.  He decided it was worth it to at least try this.

This is just one treatment. We know not all treatments work for all patients.  All we can do at this point is wait and watch and hope there is some relief for Drew.

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