Monday, June 18, 2012

Plans changed

Well after I posted my post this morning plans chnaged DRASTICALLY! For the better but it did mess up my week.

I got a call from Cheryl the owner of the travel agency I work for.  She let me knwo that it was time to begin Disney College of Knowledge!   I wanted to get it done before we left so  I sat at the computer ALL day and got it done!  Drew didn't want to go anywhere today because his tics were acting up.  So we stayed home I finished my course and Drew watched TV, watched a couple little videos on Disney with me.  I took a couple breaks to swim.

It is OFFICIAL I am a Disney Authorized Travel Agent.  I thought I knew A LOT about Disney.  I breezed thru the Disney World stuff.  I was most fascinated by Adventures by Disney.  I had heard about it before but had no idea how impressive it was.WOW!!! That is something to look into for everyone.  I am going to blog about them exclusively in the next couple days but check out this link for a sneak peak.  This has got to be the most impressive set of guided tours for families (they also have adult only versions) I have ever seen.

Talk soon

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