Wednesday, June 20, 2012

old friend first talk

Before Andrew was born, I belonged to an online adoption group.  We were in various stages of the process.  Some were waiting, others matches, others had just gotten their babies and some were old pros.  These women had been through everything with me when my mom was dying. I had been through a lot with several of them. One evening a friend named Karen posted her husband had died that day.  It was horrible to read something like that hand not be able to do anything.   I left the board as adoption left the forefront of my life.  I stayed for about 5 years after Andrew was born.  We became a VERY close group even though we were spread across the country.

Introduce Facebook years later.  I started to reconnect with some of my old adoption friends.  I was so glad when I found Karen on FB.  We always knew we would have been drinking buds, life long friends and that our boys would have been dangerous together.  We reconnected.  But we only talked through the IM part of FB.  She has been a very encouraging source on my quest to be come a travel consultant.  She has also been my first client.  She booked a trip to DisneyLand yesterday.  She is taken her almost 10 year old son for his birthday in December.  We had a couple details to work out and we needed to talk.  She called and we talked for almost 2 hours.  It was like we had been friends for ever.

It used to be that you wanted to put a face to a name, I have wanted to put voice to a face.  I see her pictures on FB and I see her son growing up!  We have decided that we need to go somewhere that we can meet in person.  WE are thinking Vegas - because of their motto and we don't have to worry about anyone finding out what trouble we get in to!

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