Sunday, May 06, 2012

what a week

This has been the ice cream week.  Leatherby's opened in Elk Grove.  It is an old fashion ice cream parlor.  Tuesday Drew and I were the second customers in the location.  Drew wanted to take Scott back so we went back Saturday night.  Here are picutres of the sundaes we shared this week. Drew and I split the hot fudge banana split on Tuesday and Saturday he had a plain hot fudge sundae.  Scott claimed he only wanted a couple bites of my Black and Tan on Saturday -but for an engineer he sure doesn't understand the meaning of HALF!!!

I am headed to Kansas Tuesday. For some reason i am a bit nervous about this trip.  Not sure why.  Drew and I are heading to see Phil graduate from college, attend a bridal shower for Betsy thrown by Phil's Godmother and my mom's best friend.  I will also get to meet Betsy's parents. I am super excited about all the activites.  We have so much planned. Wed I am going to Lawrence with Phil and having lunch with the Seabury Mom's from when Phil went to school there. Haven't seen one of them in 4 years and the other in 2 years. Thursday we are are going to Lego Discovery Center in Kansas City. We will be eating lunch here.  Friday Betsy and I are taking Drew to the zoo. Friday night we are getting together with several of my dear high school friends at a local hang out from our high school days.  Saturday is graduation.  Hand the tissues.  Sunday is the bridal shower.  Monday I collapse.  Drew and I head home on Wed.

Scott has plans while we are gone to CLEAN DREW'S ROOM.  He is also going to go see a stage of the Tour of California.  I will try and post as I go but it may be a long post when I get back.

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