Tuesday, May 01, 2012

double edge sword

Since Drew has not been in school the tourettes has calmed to a manageable level.  He is sleeping in his own bed for the first time in ages.  He seems more relaxed.  I have noticed that some old behaviors are popping up. He gets frustrated more often, no matter how active we are he complains of being bored.

Yesterday as we were doing school work I mentioned that he would have to go to the school that afternoon.  STAR torture (err testing) has started and Drew has to do it just like every other kid.  As the time progressed, he started complaining of a stomach ache. And the tics increased.  I assumed it was theatrics about not wanting to do school work.  I sent him up to get a shower and get ready for OT.  When I went up he was laying on my bed complaining of his stomach.  I went to feel his head and he screamed don't touch me! He said he felt like he was going to throw up.  I went for the thermometer and as I was walking back I heard the unmistakable sounds.  He threw up all over my bed.  UGH.  I got him cleaned up, bed cleaned up and called the school.  About an hour later Drew perked up and felt better when he found out he didn't have to go.

This morning I mentioned he would be going this afternoon and bit later his stomach started hurting.  He has not thrown up this time.  Anxiety is a powerful thing.  When we talk to Drew about attending school next year he is receptive to the idea.  He has no issue going to OT and Speech.  There is something about being in that classroom that has him upset. I will be going to the class with him this afternoon to reassure him.  This is something we need to figure out but not sure how.

Tomorrow: why do psychiatrists not accept insurance - not like I have 12,000 a year just lying around to pay them.  I know the answer but it is a vent.

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