Monday, March 26, 2012

first day

Today was the first day back to a homeschool regieme.  We are still working with the school to get the Home and Hospital teacher worked out.  i didnt' want to let Drew go with out schooling until this was worked out so off we went.  First up.  Computer work on Synonyms.  then some math review.  Then a BREAK.  We are using  I will be doing a review of it in the next couple weeks.  It has some great points and a few things i am not too keen on.  We headed to trader Joe's and to grab some lunch.  While we were driving I asked Drew if he was all right with returning to doing school at home.  He said if it kept him from being hit and teased about his Tourette's he was all for it. WE came home and he read me Henry and Mudge get the Cold Shivers and then i introduced him to a long term project.

He loves Pokemon.  So I  have him designing his own card game.  He has to come up with the characters, their weapons, powers, who can battle who etc.  He seems to like the activity.  The main thing this time around is that I know now to keep it interesting and change up the activites so Drew does not get frustrated or bored.

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