Thursday, March 29, 2012

the dog the cat the fight

I knew Scott's trip out of town was going too smoothly. Mrs. Murphy's law had not kicked in but I knew it was coming.  Yup it came and hit full force last night.  Drew and I made a run for Chinese food about 515 last night.  We  picked it up came home and I went to feed the animals.  I looked at skippy and realized his eye was swollen shut and bloody.  CRAP.  I called the vet praying that there would be an evening appt so it would not be considered and emergency appt.  Nope all evening slots were full.  Bring him on in they said but we have to charge the emergency rate.  Double CRAP.  So off we go to the vet with our Chinese food still sitting on the counter.  

Get to the vet and a tech takes Skippy for a triage.  Then we are taken in to a room with the vet.  She has me hold a light while she stains Skippy's eye. Right along the edge of the colored part of the eye is about a 3/4" deep gash.  Cat scratch.  Deep.  She offers to send us right to UC DAVIS vet clinic for surgery and grafts. Expensive.  TRIPLE CRAP.   I reject that offer. She gives me the 300.00 option.  2 forms of antibiotics, 2 pain killers and a serum made of Skippy's white blood cells to fight infection.  Do it I tell her.  She then tells me there is a chance Skippy could lose his eye.   Drops must be administer  every 4 hours around the clock.  Set your alarm.  EXPLETIVE inserted here.  90 minutes later another tech takes me into a room and I see Skippy in his cone of shame.  I am shown how to administer all the meds.  We get home to luke warm Chinese food that we eat as I set alarms on my phone every four hours.  Finally Drew and I hit the sack at 1030, me knowing that I will get 2 hours of sleep before the blessed alarm.  

I have made it through all of the first day doses.  Skippy can open his eye a bit.  He is very clingy and very touchy. I am very tired and very touchy.  We go back to the vet on Sunday to see how things are doing. 
I hate Mrs.Murphy's law. 

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Elaine said...

Ugh. Sorry. Hope things heal.