Monday, October 03, 2011

back from an amazing weekend

It is not often you have a weekend that will be etched in your memory forever. I can say this past weekend is one for the record books.

We went on our annual camping trip with 3 sets of friends. Up to Bodega Bay for family, friends and fellowship.

I had forgotten about the sand - apparently Bodega Dunes has that name for a reason. We brought back a couple of the dunes without even trying.

We all went to bed Friday night only to be awoken to what we thought was the Sharks and the Jets of the critter world getting ready to break out switch blades around the tents. Scott went out and the next think I know my husband is trying to reason with a bunch of raccoons. He is actually talking to them. "Hey guys, knock it off", "get of the trash can" "hey hey heeeeeyyyy" were amoung the comments we were treated to. Apparently there were about 12 raccoon pilfering thru the garbage cans - and they were not coon proof like at other campgrounds. It was quite the comedy hour.

I heard Scott get up about 6 and go out of the tent. Then I hear oh no - I figured the coons had torn thru the trash. Then I hear "this could get bad" Come to find out our raccoon friends sent their protector Mr. Skunk to warn scott not to interfere with the eating habits of the coons.

The day went well. We know where NOT to get coffee in Bodega. We did our annual pilgramage to the best Clam Chowder in the northern hemisphere.
Then we were off to the beach where the kids found a dead jelly fish which provided hours of amusement.  Pictures to follow when AE sends them to me.  Not to sure I want to see the one of Drew pretending to lick the jelly fish.

Back to camp for a nap(hang on our critters will make another appearance) We sent the men back in to Bodega for Pizza.  Did I mention the pizza place was in the hardware store?  Yes you read that right - the only pizza place in Bodega is in the back of the hardware store.  It is actually the EVERYTHING store
But the pizza is amazing.  Who knew?

Spent the evening around the campfire.  Drew wanted family time so we went to bed early and missed the appearance of Mr. Skunk.  Apparently before my husband went to bed they sealed the trash can by putting a 2 by 4 thru the lids and then hung a kids bike from each end of the 2x4.  You can imagine how our coon friends reacted.  They went and told their skunk buddy "to get the bald guys family"  Unfortunately for our friends there were 2 bald guys and the skunk got confused and got our friends instead of us.  I am very grateful the confused skunk got the wrong family.  and for the record we now know that Dawn liquid, baking soda, and peroxide work better than tomato juice at removing skunk smell from families as well as their dogs.

the weekend was one for the record books.  ANd we can't wait to do it again next year - without the critters but we will be packing the antidote just in case.

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