Wednesday, September 21, 2011

incredible cakes - Bella Roca

I am all about cake pops. I love cake pops.  I adore cake pops.  I love Themed cake pops like this
And this
And wedding cakes like this
And Groom cakes that are whimsical.
Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite cake lady.  BellaRoca  If I was in Lawrence still I would use her exclusively.  Her whimsy and talent are incredible.  I have not ordered from her....YET but I will say in talking to her she has got to be one the nicest people.  But all of us from the Midwest are.  You can find her on Facebook at BellaRoca.  I happen to know when she hits 500 fans there will be a VERY nice giveaway.  Tell her I sent you. She does ship cake pops.  I am thinking Drew will be getting some Nightmare Before Christmas ones soon. But then I started wondering about Phineas and Ferb and good old Dr. Doofenshmirtz.  Something tells me what ever I want she can make it happen.  I have told Phil and Betsy that if they get there wedding cake here I will pay for it.  I know I have lots of friends in Lawrence who read my blog.  I suggest looking to her for your next cake and if you want some incredible themed cakepops you now know the best place to go.

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