Friday, September 02, 2011

Coolest Diapers

When my boys were babies disposable diapers were the "in" thing.  But as the world has become more eco consious cloth diapers are all the rage again.  I would have loved to have these. 

 I follow Sweet Beginnings Boutique on Facebook.  I asked her and she told me that she could do other schools including KU.  Is there any other University?  Please  contact for other schools.  She also makes car seat covers.  She is really reasonable with prices ranging between $10.00 - 30.00

I recieved nothing in return for this promotion.  I just love her stuff and wish I had grandkids so I could spoil them with these goodies.  Some how I don't think my fur grandbaby would stand for me sending her this.  Sorry Daisy Mae - gramma will find you something else - may be a yellow collar with rhinestones?

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Cricket @ Thrifty Texas Penny said...

I tried cloth diapers but I just couldn't keep up with them. :-( My hubby would have loved a set of Arkansas one though :-) New follower from the Make Your Rank Lower Monday blog hop.