Monday, September 05, 2011

amazing few days

We have had such wonderful weekend with one day to go.  My pseudo parents Peg and Allan Hazlett have been visiting. Last night we took them to our favorite Korean restaurant.  We are so much we waddled out.  We love the ability to cook on the table grill and share family time.  It is our "special Occasion" go to place.  I think the next time we will be there is when Phil and Betsy and our former Korean exchange student, Hae "Aaron" Chung are all here for Christmas.

Today we took them on a tour of the orginal gold rush area.  We were in the Sierra Nevada foothils.  We wanted to go to the outlet mall in Folsom on the way back but there was no parking and the lot was fuller than "a Superbowl Sunday" so instead we came home and took naps.  For dinner? We headed to TOPS Yogart and ran in to homeschool friends.

Tomorrow Scott has to work - everyone one say "POOR SCOTT" Drew is cutting class - every one say "POOR DREW"  and we are doing the one thing Drew wanted to do while Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Allan were here.  We are going to the Jelly Belly Factory.  We will take the regular tour and then sample popular flavors like Diaper wipe, grass and vomit flavored Jelly Bellys.

Tomorrow in the late afternoon we will end their visit with a trip to SQUEEZE INN. It is a Sacramento landmark that has been featured on Diners Dives and Drive Ins.  We take all visitors there for one meal when they visit.  Make sure you visit the website and check out the pictures of the burgers with their cheese skirts.  I get mine with mushrooms and sour cream.  If I am going to blow it I am going to blow it right!!!!

They leave Wed morning to head for Carmel for a wedding.  The next time we get to see them is when we head to Kansas next summer for our son's wedding which Allan will officiate at. I love their visits and they are too few and far between.

Next time old town sac and the train museum will be on the agenda.

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