Monday, August 29, 2011

new direction

Hello my readers.  Life certainly throws us some doozies doesn't it.  I am finally taking stock in what is going on and where I want to go.  In addition to using this blog to update people about what is going on in the Anderson household I am working with a couple companies to start having giveaways and increase my readership.  We all know how entertaining my family can be.  But things are a changing and I am realizing it is time I step up and do what I love.  And that is write.  I want to be able to give reviews of products I love so you can find out about them as well.  Hopefully the two sites I have contacted will feel this little old blog is worthy of some new blood and I can bring some new ideas to you.

I promise to get here more often and let you know what is going on in the Anderson household.  Now that Drew is back in school, and Phil is finishing up college and getting married it is time for me to pursue what I want to do.


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