Sunday, March 06, 2011


You never tell a kid on the high autism spectrum to take his best shot when he is on a manic and threatening to hurt you. Drew took his teacher seriously and hauled off and slugged him the other day. one day suspension. Last night Drew and I were talking and he was tell him that the other kids in his class find him annoying because of his Tourettes. I am looking for a book that will help his class understand. He admitted he is having trouble making friends and wishes there was a way to homeschool but have a different teacher. Not sure how that one would work. But I plan on asking about it.

Scott has been out of town this weekend- annual conference in Denver. Drew spent one night with Amanda and Julie - What do I do get? a 102 degree fever. Slept a lot, drank lots of water. Woke up this morning with a barometric migraine to top it off. Today we pick up Scott at the airport, I want to run by Joanns for their coupon commotion. There are several large ticket items I want to get that I have coupons for making them 40-50% off. Scott is home this week, I have a spinal tap on Thursday and then Scott leaves Saturday for an entire week. Should prove to be interesting. My legs don't want to work and I find myself "tripping on them" more and more. The trouble swallowing is becoming more noticeable especially when I eat soft things, like bread. I can't wait to figure this out. Until then I go forward one day at a time and know that God is watching over me and will be with me no matter what He has planned.

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