Tuesday, January 11, 2011

we made it.

we are home. I have tons of pictures to post and stories to tell. We were selected Wilderness Lodge Family of the day and got to raise the flags on the lodge on our last full day. It was amazing. We had a private photog as we did it. The views were amazing. Drew got a blue Mohawk. (pixie dust got to me.) His head is now shaved. We ate too much, spent too much, had more fun that you can imagine. Drew was named artist of the day at the Magic Kingdom and his artwork was displayed at the Disney Art Gallery. I however am paying the price and am having a full blown Fibro flare. I have been flat on my back for 2 days. This is the first day I have been even remotely upright for more than 20 minutes. the pictures will be up in the next few days. And there are stories behind many of them.

Be patient with me. Drew was to start school tomorrow but it has been put off till Thursday due to an emergency with his Program Specialist. Lots of issues that have to be dealt with concerning that as well. I am here and have much to tell and reflect on.

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