Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time Marches On......

South moves north, North moves south
A star is born, a star burns out.
the only thing that stays the same is everything
changes, everything changes.

It has been a couple weeks since I have had time to blog. I miss it but time marches on.

We have finally found a medicine that works for Drew and it works wonderfully. We are not having the emotional frustrated outbursts. He is able to do his school, work stay on task etc. I know every kid is different and we have tried several medications before putting him on Abilify. If things continue at this rate we will be working with the docs to get an ADHD drug in addition to the Abilify. We met with the Elk Grove School District and listened to what they offered to do for Drew. We are declining their offer. We have met with South Sutter and they didn't even blink in offering Andrew services to help him succeed. He is in a homeschool co op and doing well. I love the Co op. It gives me some time to be with other moms and Drew a chance to be with kids and socialize. He won the Pine Wood Dreby last weekend. HE won the Tiger Division, had the fastest car of the day as well as breaking a 2 year track record!!!!! Pretty amazing.

Scott has to have surgery to repair his shoulder in a couple weeks. While I am not relishing another recovery period I want him well and not in pain. The past 18 months have been really hard on him physically as well as emotionally hard on all of us. I am blessed to have wonderful friends to step in and help.

Phil made the Dean's list. That was a shock but a pleasant shock. He is liking his classes, working hard and has a wonderful girlfriend.

See things are changing but staying the same. Time just marches on....

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