Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time to live

Most people who have read this blog understand why we chose to home school. As I have started to work with Drew I have come to see more and more the constraints of a traditional school. There is no place for REAL self expression. No place to be yourself. A kid is expected to conform and learn exactly what is taught to them and not question how or what. This has begun to bother me more and more. I remember my favorite teacher in elementary school created places in the class room where we could escape and read or just veg.

Drew is already asking more questions about the why of things. Sometimes they can be difficult to answer but we go into my "annex" - Scott's office - and search on line to find out why. Somethings are easier to find than others but we are making it.

While I believe in a traditional approach to teaching Drew at home, I am beginning to see where the unschooling approach has a place as well.

Auntie Mame had the best philosophy "LIVE!!!!!!LIFE IS A BANQUET AND MOST POOR SUCKERS ARE STARVING TO DEATH" While I am Drew's mom I can also be his Auntie Mame as well. I want to show him all that education can be. I will give him a notebook and tell him to write all the words he doesn't know and we will discuss them together. I want to show him the injustice in the world and help him find a way to fight it. Going on this HS journey with Drew I have realized there is so much potential to show him how to live. The world is for living. I haven't done enough living so today I start.

So dear reader how are you going to LIVE today? Or are you slowly going to starve to death?

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust

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