Thursday, August 06, 2009

Six Flags

While I don't ever think Drew will be totally finished studying sharks I am. We still have shows to watch on the DVR so I am sure we will return time and time again. It is Shark Week at Six Flags so where to go to celebrate our unit on sharks? A day at Six Flags seems in order. It also helps that I won tickets to feed the seals. That helped to convince Scott we needed to take this day trip. We have season passes so technically we can go when we want but this is only the second visit of the season. Drew is excited to feed the seals. I will post pics after we get back.

On the other hand I forgot that we were to be at a family cookout with church tomorrow night - we may stop in when we get back to town.

I have almost finished my Clapotis. Look at the pictures lower in teh post to get the full effect. I am just sick tho. I had been saving this really incredible yarn to make the Clapotis with. it was 50.00 for the skein. I am almost finished maybe 40 decrease rows and I ran out of yarn. so I have to buy a whole new skein to finish it. Oh well have an idea for another project to use the remaining second skein. I will be teaching this class in September. Hopefully it will get a good response.


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