Monday, May 11, 2009

Borders needs to learn customer service

I went to Borders today. I was looking for a couple magazine as well as couple birthday presents for Drew and what ever else caught my fancy. Hadn't ready a good book in a while and was on the prowl.

The magazine section was horribly stocked. Blank places everywhere. I noticed a girl who was stocking the magazine section and she had 9 boxes on a pallet. I asked if those boxes contained the mags i was looking for. She offered to open the boxes and look at the packing slips to check. They weren't in those but she told me that there were 6 boxes in the back and she would run and check the packing slips.

While waiting for her I had found a couple books, another magazine, and a couple books for Drew. the young lady came back and looked very apologetic. SHe said her manager told her she could not go thru the packing slips. She was not allowed to help me. There were other customers who needed help. I was welcome to come back in a few days and look on the shelves for my self but she could not help me. WTF!?!?!?! I was holding 50.00 worth of books and was going to buy about40.00 in mags if they had them.

I called the store when I got home and talked to the store manager and he basically said Sorry but what do you want me to do. He didn't seem to care that I had laid down other merchandise and because of one of his employees he lost a sale - if not a customer.

What is wrong with customer service these days? With all the competion out there for my business I would think stores would bend over to do the right thing and make situations right. I have called coroporate and left a voice mail for the assistant of someone and maybe I will hear from someone but who knows.


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