Tuesday, March 24, 2009

want to start a business

As many know my love of knitting and yarn and fiber has grown over the past few months. I am amazed at what is out there in the world of fiber. I want a part of it. I want to start dyeing my own yarns and roves. I have been researching online stores that do this and I am totally amazed at what is offered. Even mistakes make beautiful yarn. I have been pricing wholesale yarns and have found a wonderful company that makes several lines of dyeable fibers. I have been looking at different methods of dying and can't beleive how many ways there are to dye. From dye kits that can be bought to using easter egg dye all provide different vibrance and subtlty to the yarn. In talking to several other artisians the start up for this kind of business is less than 1000.00. The biggest investment is the start up yarn. They have all told me that they make it back in the first month and their businesses have grown faster than they were orginally prepared for.

I have been told I need a creative outlet. I looked at painting but it wasn't for me. I enjoy knitting but want to take it one step further in being creative. hopefully once scott has is next surgery and we get back on our feet I can take the step I want and go into business for my self. and I think this is the way to do it. I need to research getting an EIN # so I can get things wholesale that way I am able to compete with others. Next step - more research.

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