Wednesday, March 04, 2009

OK I get it. I am not in control

I have always had control issues. I have to be in control. If I can't control it I feel helpless. So in the past week here is a short list of what is not in my control. Phil joining the Navy, Drew finally getting a DX of PDD-NOS and Fetal Alcohol Effect, and the news from Scott's upcoming surgery. They missed some diverticuli and have to remove 4-6 more inches of his colon. so they have to open him up from his sternum to his the bottom edge of his stomach. Recvoery - instead of being 2 weeks- will now be up to 6.

I know I am not in control. I get it God. Now help me get control of my issues of helplessness.

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The Dukes said...

You have so much on your plate and weighing on your shoulders, I can't imagine the emotional and physical exhaustion you feel. Hang in there!! It can only get better, right? I will hope for sooner rather than later...