Friday, December 05, 2008

The question finally came....

We have always told Drew that he was adopted and that he grew in my heart not my tummy. Earlier today I found out one of his friends has a new baby brother as of this morning so tonight he brought up how he came to be.

He asked if someone cut me open and moved him from my heart to my tummy and he came out that way. (pretty ingenious for 6) I said no. Well then how did I get out of your heart he asked. Taking a deep breath and looking at Scott, I explained that he grew in my heart but in someone else's tummy. WHAT I HAVE MORE PARENTS?!?!? he asked. I said that we were his parents and that someone else gave him to us to be his parents because she couldn't be his mommy. He asked what she looked like. We told him what we remembered. He asked if she was flexible because he is. I told him I didn't know. He asked her name. I told him Angel. He asked if I loved her. I said I was grateful for the gift she gave me. Scott started to go into more detail but I stopped him. I wasn't sure what Drew wanted to know exactly - kind of like when a kid asks where babies come from. Plus I wanted to see how Drew was digesting this news. Drew said He didn't want to talk about it anymore because it was just too wierd. So we let it drop.

I am sure there will be many more discussions on this topic as he gets older. But at least the dialoge is out there and we will be as open as we can with Drew as long as it is age appropriate. There are some things he will not know for a long time- maybe ever.

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Campbell said...

You handled that very well, and you have one BRIGHT KID!!!!

You were frank without revealing more than he could digest, and you kept the emotions focused on gratitude and love.

Well done MAMA!


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