Thursday, October 02, 2008


My buddies over at All thumbs (see right side of page for link to their site) are having a new contest. I won their Melting Pot contest.

Lori and I have lots in common but I just found out she has the same affinity for soap. I love the aroma of a good soap. I particulary like soaps that are citrus smelling. I use lavendar to relax at night but citrus smells to wake up. I also hide soap in my "unmentionable" drawer. Every bath room has to have a collection of different soaps for my guests. I could spend hours in soap stores. There is just something about them. I have had an affinity for soap since I was little and discovered Crabtree & Evelyn.

Check out the new contest and if you win and I don't - you have to share the prize with me.

Faith Trust & Pixie Dust



Lori said...

The soap-in-the-underwear-drawer is a great idea.

Good luck to you, my friend!

Lori said...

You win! picked #3.

Emailing you now.

chicklet said...