Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lay a way

Well it is that time of year again. time to start thinking of Christmas shopping. I used to use Walmart for lay a way. For the simple fact that I could "hide" the presents there until right before the holidays. It made it very easy to keep prying eyes away from things. I was very very upset when Walmart stopped this practice. it was the main reason they got my holiday money.

I thought with the economy the way it is that Walmart would reinstitue their lay away plan. I was wrong. I emailed them and was told that it was not on their long term goals to do layaway.

Then last night I found out another chain has lay away. good old blue light special Kmart. I am headed there today to put Drew's presents on lay away. I think Walmart is really missing an opportunity. But I never liked the evil giant anyway. I haven't been to a Kmart in years. I am more than willing to spend my Christmas dollars there.

Phil is rearrangign his plans for the holidays. He has decided to come to California in December. This illness with his dad has made him really homesick. He plans on coming mid December - right after finals. He will be here about a month. I am thrilled. I know he wanted to spend the holidays with the Stevens clan but he says he sees them all the time and needs a hug from good ole mom. I am still holding out hope that Yoo Sung is able to come as well.

Scott is doing well. He came to the breakfast table this morning. I think he will be back at work paqrt time this week. Working from home. he is really nervous about going back full time - esp the ostomy.

I just finished filling out my ballot for the election. mailing it in a few mintues.

Please keep our friends the Gaumer family in your prayers. Rex had a stroke this week and now looks like he has a PE and may not survive.


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