Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Frustration is all I can say. I met with the wound care people at the hospital yesterday. I was told that I needed to find out who covered DME and wound care supplies so they could be ordered for home use. TALK about a flipping nightmare. the woman yesterday at the insurance company said we were covered but couldn't tell me who the contract was with. She wasn't even sure what ostomy supplies were. She gave me some names. I called the insurance company back today to ask about some other supplies. The person told me that another company could handle it all. so I called them and was told they don't cover the items thru my plan. They gave me the name of another place and I called them - they are contracted with my insurnce company but not my specific plan.

I am now back on the phone with the insurance company. They gave me 3 more #'s. One is out of service, one doesn't handle what I need and the third does not answer the phone. so back to the insurnace company.

they have Nordstom as a contracted provider. LOL. I can't believe they can't just pull up ostomy contracts. This is insane.

there latest idea? Go talk to the wound care nurse - she has to call the insurnace company and request use of an out of network provider but allowing pay at an in network provider scale.

don't get me started on the healthcare in our country. I just want what our United States Congress has. I bet they don't have to call for in network vs out ofnetwork coverage. Or worry about it being covered.

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