Monday, April 28, 2008

thanks to tim

Update on my earlier post. Phil called and told me to call off the dogs. His Uncle Tim being the sensible cool headed one managed to find a phone number for the head of Kansas Youth soccer League and laid the whole scenario out for him. Phil will be getting calls of apology from him, the head of Sunflower Soccer etc. They have revoked Phil's fine. They will also be re amending the rule in the bylaws.

They agree the entire situation was handled wrong. And leave it to my son to be the one who had to test the new rule. The rule went into effect on November 11, 2007. Phil was the first to have it imposed on. (figures) None of the coaches were ever made aware of the rule.

Like Peg Stevens taught me - NEVER MESS WITH A MAMA BEAR AND HER CUB - no matter the age of the cub.

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