Saturday, May 12, 2007

craziness and WOWs

It has been insane this week. We found out Wed. that we are being transferred to Albuqurque NM. Scott got his undergrad there and we both love it there so that is a good thing. The bad thing? Leaving our freinds, family, church, EVERYTHING we have known for 10 years behind. I was explaining to Drew he would make new friends - and at 4 he knew it "wouldn't be the same" My head is spinning. A relator is coming today. We have movers coming monday to give an estimate. I think we are looking at a 3 month time frame. IF we sell the house sooner. If not Scott will go ahead and Drew and I will stay until the house sells. I have applied to UNM to continue school. I think I have found a school for Drew. We gave Phil the option of coming. WE told him we would figure out how to pay out of state tuition for a year if he wanted to come. He said no. He felt God had a plan for him here. He has his Frat house, school, friends etc. That is hardest part of this. He chose to stay close to home and now his family is moving. I think he has been too busy with the last weeks of school and the musical to relaize what is happening.

Yes, 2 weeks and Phil will graduate. This weekend is the school musical. Phil plays Horton the Elephant in Seussical. All I can say is WOWOWOWOWOW I am one proud mom. He was amazing last night. He brought the house down. I was "busting" my buttons. He had 3 solo songs and I always knew he could sing but this was amazing. Hard to believe this is my little guy.

Faith trust and pixie dust

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