Monday, April 23, 2007


I know some people try to post and make some sort of profound statement. Not me. I prefer to post about nothing. Just daily life. Kind of like Seinfeld. His was a show about nothing. Mine is a blog about nothing. Actually when I blog I find myself greatful for all of God's gifts. I realize how fragile life is when I sit and type. I know I will never solve the world's problems while I blog. But I don't want to. I want to tell stories about my life as a wife, mother, student, Christian, and friend. I know only of one person who reads my blog. That is OK (hi Anna) I know of people who write blogs who have many followers. They are the ones who seem to think they can solve the worlds problems. The only problem I want solved right now is why my cable on demand channels don't work.

Phil has been gone all weekend. He has been on his Sr. Trip to Orlando. I have heard from him several times and he seems to be having a great time. He is due home this afternoon.

Saturday we went to KC to do some shopping. I got 2 outfits for graduation, Scott got some new shirts. Drew was introduced to the world of Polo and thinks all his shirts need horses on them now. (drat that sale) He also got new shoes.

There is something amazing about my youngest son. At almost 5 he can remember details about past events that no one would think he would remember. Like when we were at Oak Park Mall. He had not been there since he was abou 2 1/2 or so. He looked at Scott and told him that they needed to find the store when he could make a bear. He was referring to Build a Bear. He had built a bear there when he was younger and we had not been back to the store since. He was even able to lead us to the store. This is not an isolated occurnace. It happens on a regular basis. He can also see things that a normal person can't see. We have learned that if he says he sees a bus, even if we can't see it, it is there and will come into view shortly. At times I wonder if he as ESP or some sort of psyhic gift. I know kids are more intune with those things than adults. Example. 2 years ago he walked into my bedroom and told me that PAPA (my dad) was going to do something that day. Actually what he said was "papa is going to be happy today" Strange comment - little did I know he was proposing to his girlfriend that morning. All of these things makes me wonder what goes on in his wonderful imaginative head.

faith, trust and pixie dust

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Anna said...

doo-doo-du-du, doo-doo-du-du......I always KNEW there was something AMAZING about Drew!